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Eigen makes Personal Training affordable by sharing human Trainer time with AI-powered wearables.
Connect with your fitness Coach and see results like never before. We provide the tools you need for the ultimate virtual personal training experience. Our state of the art wearables relay your lifting data to your Coach so they can craft you the perfect program. For the first time ever, your Coach can guide you through your fitness goals, wherever you are in the world.

Meet Nodes.

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Multi-point motion tracking meets the gym. Wear 3 or 5 Nodes while working out to monitor form, assess injury risk, and measure performance. The more Nodes you wear, the more data you track.

Coaches are closer than they appear.

Say goodbye to working out on someone else's schedule. Eigen Fitness Nodes and our virtual personal training platform emulate in-person training so that your Coach fits in your pocket. Nodes provide you injury alerts, form analysis, and weight suggestions, just as your in-person Coach does. And with your performance data sent to your Coach, your program will always be optimized for the fastest results.
Say hello to the future of personal training.

The first 4 steps towards your goal are with Eigen.

01 Match + Nodes

Your Eigen Fitness Coach is with you from day 01. Begin your fitness journey by matching with the perfect coach based on everything that matters to you: personality, intensity, and your training goals & expectations.

Once you Match, Nodes will ship to your doorstep.
02 Program

After you Match, your new Coach will schedule a 30 minute video chat with you to introduce themselves and dive more into you goals. Your Coach will then build you a custom 14-day program, available in the Eigen Fitness app. Your program will be refreshed every 14 days.

03 Interact

Nodes record and share all of your performance metrics with your Coach so that they’re able to fine tune your program. 3D models of your form are also shared — your Coach can reach out and share form improvement tips if they notice room for growth.

04 Results

Whether your goal is weight loss or strength gains, Eigen Fitness makes it easy to log and view your progress. Nodes automatically log your performance data so you can watch your physical improvement in real-time as you work towards crushing your fitness goal.

Find the perfect Coach.
Results guaranteed.

Regardless of your goal, your Eigen Fitness Coach is here to help. They've seen it all, and are excited to share their years of expertise with you. And with the Eigen Results Guarantee, what are you waiting for?

Expert Coaches that understand your goals.

Your training goals, intensity, and style are unique to you. Your Coach should be just as unique.

Our wide-ranging team of elite Coaches hail from all walks of life, and have successfully helped hundreds reach their goals. Get started today to find the Coach that best understands you.

Expert Coach
Sydney S.

As a competing bodybuilder, Sydney has years of experience gaining muscle and cutting weight.

Expert Coach
Connor H.

Connor believes that data-backed training is the fastest way to success.

Expert Coach
Zach H.

A competitive rower, Zach has an extensive background in the gym and training cardio.

Expert Coach
Hazel N.

Hazel focuses on controlled lifting and proper form to give her athletes supperior results.

Functional Training
Marathon Training
Sport Training

Years of experience in the areas you care about.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all training approach – training for a marathon is very different than getting your summer body beach-ready.

With yers of experience in everything from powerlifting to functional training, our wide-ranging team of trainers understand this and train you specifically for your goal.

You're excited to be in the best shape of your life, but it's easy to loose direction along the journey. That's what your Coach is for – they'll make sure you stay on track, building you a program that you can comfortably maintain.
Tailored Programs
Your goals, schedule, and intensity are unique to you. Your program should be too. Your Eigen Fitness Coach will update your custom program every 14 days to ensure you are progressing as fast as possible towards your fitness goals.
Form Correction
Nodes track and record a 3D model of your lifting form as you workout, and share your motion pattern with your Coach. Nodes already provide injury alerts, and you will receive nuanced form improvement tips from your Coach's form analysis.
Unlike one-on-one training, Eigen Fitness offers asynchronous virtual training. This simply means you workout on your own schedule, regardless of your Coach's availability. And with Nodes, you get all the same benefits of one-on-one session, for a fraction of the cost.

Artificial Intelligence.

Real Results.

Injury Alerts
Nodes' AI-powered Injury Alerts vibrates the Node and turns it red when an injury risk is detected. You will see form correction tips and stretch suggestions in the app.
Weight Suggestions
Even the most advanced lifters need a hand selecting the perfect weight. Nodes monitor lifting patterns to suggest an aggressive, but safe, weight for your next set.

The power couple.

Hardware, meet software.
View Your Program
The Eigen Fitness app takes the guess work out of workout scheduling. Your custom program appears in an easy-to-use schedule so you know what you're doing today, tomorrow, and next week. And if you miss Tuesday's workout, you can just go back to Tuesday and complete it.
Coach Messaging
Say goodbye to multiple channels of communication, and keep your entire training ecosystem in one place. Message your Coach, send progress pictures, form videos, and Node reports right in the Eigen Fitness app.
Performance Reports
You're working hard at the gym – take a moment to celebrate the progress you've made. Performance Reports detail your lifting progress along the journey. Watch as your power output increases, your ROM improves, and as your form accuracy continues its upwards trend.
Auto-log Sets with Nodes
Nodes were designed with ease in mind. Reps and sets will automatically populate when working out with Nodes, as will your performance metrics. All you need to do is pick up the weight, put in the work, and see results faster than ever.
The best tech, free with your Membership

Nodes are free with your Eigen Membership.

We're as excited as you are about seeing results.
Take your Nodes for free, along with our Results Guarantee*.

Unparalleled Personal Training without breaking the bank.

Health and fitness are rights, not luxuries. With Eigen Fitness, you'll get the same experience as an in-person trainer, all while saving 75% of in-person training fees.

Lite Package
  • Personalized bi-weekly programs
  • Bi-weekly video checkins
  • Unlimited messaging to Coach
  • 24 hour Coach response time
  • Results Guaranteed*
Plus Package
  • All the Lite features
  • 3 Nodes + Bands
  • AI Injury Alerts
  • Performance metrics
  • Results Guaranteed*
  • Bi-weekly programs
  • Weekly metric analysis
  • Weekly video checkins
  • 12 hour response time
5 Nodes
The Ultimate Package
  • All the Plus features
  • 5 Nodes + Bands
  • Next-set weight suggesitions
  • Results Guaranteed*
  • Unlimited priority messaging
  • ASAP Coach responses
  • Up to 2h of video calls a week
  • Full body form analysis
  • Bi-weekly programs
  • Daily metric analysis
* Our Results Guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind when making a purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your fitness results after the first three (3) months of your personal training membership, simply contact us and we will arrange for a full refund of your purchase price. Please note refunds are subject to a program adherence audit, with eligibility determined on a 85% or higher program adherence. Certain restrictions may apply, such as product activation or registration requirements. We believe in standing behind the quality of our service and want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and our Results Guarantee is just one way we demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction.
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